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What is www.medicodes.net?


www.medicodes.net is aimed at all people who seek relief from their discomfort and healing. The treatment is carried out in an energetic-informatory way by means of QR codes (quick response codes) with information encoded therein that is taken over water (bioprogramming via informed water). Medicodes are not a substitute for medical consultation and may be used in addition to conventional therapies.

How Medicodes work and act on the organism

Every biological organism, whether human, animal, plant, bacterium or virus, is not only a morphological, but also an energetic being, and in this form an information receiver, information carrier, information processor and information transmitter. Every communicative exchange between individuals, every health disorder, every inherited trait - they all have an informative character. Information can interfere with each other and lead to unexpected effects. Infectious diseases, for example, are triggered by information from microorganisms that damage humans. Even after the destruction of microorganisms, this information can further burden or even damage the organism. The same applies to the informational effect of experiences, which can lead to mental disorders or psychological characteristics, which may even manifest themselves as psychosomatic complaints. Psychology speaks here of so-called indirect psychotraumas. Informational disorders can be inherited epigenetically in subsequent generations and lead to symptoms there as well. If an information disorder has an effect on an organ for a certain period of time, functional manifestations occur at first and morphological manifestations later on, which finally manifest themselves as an organic disease. If an organic disease is diagnosed, in many cases it is preceded by an energetic-informational disorder lasting years or even decades.

If the background and the occurrence of information damaging to humans (informational causality) are recognized and understood, the disturbance can be counteracted by inversion of the causal information by means of a QR code. An inversion of the symptoms per se, such as "sore throat" as QR-coding, has no effect. Therapeutically useful is solely the inversion of the responsible energetic-informatory causality. For years, the IFA Institute for Aurasurgery AG has been involved in the so-called bioprogramming in order to identify causalities for energetic-informational disturbances and to develop corresponding counter-programming. Hundreds of documented case reports show that the positive effect of energetic-informational treatments can be demonstrated both in the clinical symptoms and in the evaluation of the so-called NLS analysis.

In 1969 Konrad Zuse, the inventor of the computer, writes: "The universe functions like a big computer, with a code that makes everything possible" (Rechenender Raum, Schriften zur Datenverarbeitung, Volume 1, Friedrich Vieweg & Sohn, Braunschweig, 1969) , Seth Loyd (* 1960), an American computer scientist and physicist, as well as a professor of mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, USA, also deals with the information theory aspects of quantum informatics and the physics of complex systems. In his book "Programming the Universe," he describes how life processes follow mathematical-binary principles and are programmable accordingly (Seth Lloyd, Programming the Universe, First Vintage Books Edition, March 2007).

The 21st century is referred to as the information age, in which energetic-informational principles determine the medicine of the future. The IFA Institute for Aurasurgery AG initiated with www.medicodes.net a paradigm shift in medicine, from the previous chemical-physical and thus analogous to an energetic-informational and thus digital discipline.

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How to create your personal Medicode

Study the symptom complexes described below.
If one or more of these symptom complexes applies to you, please cross them.
Not all symptoms described within a symptom complex must be present.
Multiple selections of symptom complexes are permitted.
After selecting all applicable symptom complexes, click on "Create Medicode".
You will receive an e-mail with a Medicode and instructions for transferring the relevant information to water.
The Medicode contains the inverted information on the causalities of all symptom complexes you have selected.

Coronavirus: Strengthening the constitution by eliminating incriminating miasmatic and karmic information – 25,00 €
Tension in the shoulder and neck area, limited head movement, shyness in school, problems talking to many people, preference for a seat on the edge at public events, hunchback, tendency to cold hands and feet, tension headache – 20,00 €
Fear of deep water, fear of dogs and/or cats, vein problems, heaviness in the legs, tightness in the body, claustrophobia, dreams of drowning or drowning, ancestors have already drowned – 19,00 €
Poor posture, low body tension, one often feels like being broken on the wheel – 19,00 €
Aging, increasing forgetfulness, declining hearing or hearing loss, fatigue, dizziness, bone loss, osteoporosis, loose teeth in paradontosis and thinning jawbone – 19,00 €
Incompatibility for tight-fitting garments on the neck such as shirts with ties or turtleneck sweater, childhood and youth inflammations of the throat and tonsils, difficulty in swallowing, test anxiety, pronounced sense of justice, tinnitus, migraine, limited mobility of the cervical spine – 19,00 €
Punctual pain in the upper body, jitteriness – 19,00 €
Chronic feeling of cold and unclear pain in the abdomen, which does not result in pathological findings in conventional medical examinations. – 19,00 €
Pain in the area of the carpal and tarsal joints – 19,00 €
Feeling cold and pulling pain in arms and legs, feeling that arms and legs do not belong to one – 19,00 €
Internal heat and thirst, feeling of pressure on the head, aversion to the USA, learning difficulties in English, fear of electric current, sensitivity to electrosmog, tingling sensations on the soles of the feet. – 19,00 €
Fear of fire, constant feeling of heat, feeling of inner burning – 19,00 €
Fear of crowds, falling asleep hands, carpal tunnel syndrome – 15,00 €
Bronchial weakness, tendency to cough, tendency to bronchial asthma or sports asthma, rarely sick, pressure on the chest without organic correlate, cough, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), no high fever when sick, infections usually last quite long, tendency to sweat especially at night, red cheeks, possibly tuberculosis infection known in an ancestor, sometimes tendency to weight disorders: Overweight with difficulties in weight reduction or also tendency to be underweight – 23,00 €
Increased intraocular pressure, glaucoma, loss of vision, iritis (inflammation of the iris), uveitis (inflammation of the uvea, which consists of the choroid, corpus ciliare and iris). The vitreous body may also be involved), macular edema. NOTE: Also consult an eye doctor. – 25,00 €
Frequent urge to urinate, bladder emptying disorders with residual urine formation, recurrent urinary tract infections – 19,00 €
Heartburn, reflux, dysphagia, fear of doctors and before spraying – 19,00 €
Aversion to singing, tendency to overweight, depression, unfulfilled sexual life, testicular diseases such as testicular cysts, testicular hypertension, small testicles, hidden testicles (cryptorchidism), testicular pain, testicular inflammation, in urological examinations typically no organic findings – 29,00 €
Speech blockage, stuttering, speech disorders of all kinds – 19,00 €
Low self-esteem and self-esteem, demarcation problems, proximity-distance problems e.g. inability to be physically close or difficult to keep strangers at bay – 19,00 €
Emotional problems: Whenever something is pleasant or beautiful, an inner voice announces, that says that the pleasant and the beautiful are not entitled or will not last long – 19,00 €
Homelessness, listlessness and professional failure, fear of life – 19,00 €
Menstrual cramps, amenorrhoea, cysts, fibroids, depression, pain during intercourse (dispareunia), premenstrual syndrome, endometriosis, ectopic pregnancies, inflammation of the fallopian tubes, unfulfilled desire to have children, miscarriages (abortions) – 19,00 €
Dreams of escape and persecution, back pain, pelvic obliquity, intervertebral disc problems (protrusion or prolapse, disc degeneration), hip problems, knee problems – 39,00 €
Unfulfilled desire to have children – 19,00 €
Inclination to malnutrition and underweight, lack of joie de vivre, one can not and wants to treat oneself, – 19,00 €
Hair loss, either circular as alopecia areata or as a complete hair loss, often in conjunction with a psychologically stressful event. – 19,00 €
Mood problems and depression: This coding explicitly does not replace consultation with a doctor or psychiatrist, but should only be used in conjunction with therapy. – 25,00 €
Fat tissue growths in the skin (lipomas), connective tissue growths (fibromas) – 19,00 €
Hearing loss – 15,00 €
Mouches volantes: small dark dots, spots or thread-like structures in the visual field that move in a characteristically scurrying manner together with the line of vision – 10,00 €
Sinuses: Inflammation and constipation, difficulty breathing through the nose – 19,00 €
Ringing in the ears – 19,00 €
Occupied tongue, bloated abdomen after meals, possibly proven strain in the intestines due to Candida albicans (intestinal fungus), Roemheld syndrome (cardiac arrhythmia with bloated abdomen), fatigue, sleep disorders, visual disturbances, sensitivity to light, emotion of anger and rage, muscle and joint pain. – 25,00 €
Progressive loss of cognitive abilities, slowing of thinking, orientation disorders, loss of speech behaviour, loss of everyday competence, personality decay, dementia – 29,00 €
Vertigo – 5,00 €
Overconfidence, boasting, lies, need to hide, vanity, conceit, pride, material orientation, money and possessions play a major role, tendency to proliferate, warts, condylomas, birthmarks, polyps, tumors and congestion of all kinds. Addiction, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, gambling addiction, tendency to excess, cystitis, urinary tract infection, burning in the urethra, nocturnal enuresis, abundant urine. Nerves: Severe neuralgia, pain cutting, stabbing, colic (kidney). Sensitive soles of hands and feet with burning sensations. Very ticklish all over the body. Increased sexual desire, promiscuity, cheating, sexual experiments, homosexuality. Excessive jealousy, passionate, impotent. Fear of darkness, of ghosts, of disease, of mental illness. Delusional idea: Everything seems unreal, feeling of leaving the body or being persecuted by someone (persecution delusion). Time passes too slowly (a day seems like a month). Appearance: often dark-haired, Mediterranean type. Children: underdevelopment in children with growth disorder, dwarfism, marasmus. Meningitis. Often precocious children who behave like adults. Can be stubborn, headstrong, little things can be disturbing. – 29,00 €
High blood pressure, NOTE: Only in conjunction with an adequate examination and treatment by an appropriate specialist. – 25,00 €
Osteoporosis, loss of bone substance, possibly with spontaneous fractures, bone pain – 25,00 €
Fear of failure and/or fear of loss and/or fear of survival and/or fear of death and/or fear of existence and/or fear of the future and/or fear of change and/or fear that something will happen – 29,00 €
Haemorrhoids, stabbing pain or pulling tension between the shoulder blades, unclear lower abdominal pain, e.g. in the form of bladder voiding disorders or irritable bladder with frequent urge to urinate, incontinence, poor posture with a round back and shoulders hanging forward, constipation, diverticulosis, diverticulitis, anal eczema with or without itching, lichen sclerosus vaginal and/or anal, impotence, pelvic floor prolapse, uterine prolapse, lowering of the bladder, inguinal hernia – 29,00 €
Throat clearing, vocal loss, hoarseness, itching and persistent laryngeal irritation – 19,00 €
Excited states, Pavor nocturnus (nightly crying of anxiety in children) – 9,00 €
Epilepsy, NOTE: Please be sure to consult a neurologist. – 29,00 €
Abscesses and boils of the skin, purulent hair root inflammations, purulent skin inflammations (pyodermias), flat skin inflammations (phlegmons), inflammations of the lymph nodes (lymphadenitis), purulent finger inflammations (panaritis) – 15,00 €
Inflammation of the fallopian tubes (adnexitis) – 19,00 €
Rosacea – 15,00 €
Acne vulgaris with papules, pustules, purulent dermatitis – 19,00 €
Allergy, allergic diathesis (predisposition to the development of allergies) – 18,00 €
Anemia – 19,00 €
Age heart, cardiac insufficiency, CHD (coronary heart disease) – 19,00 €
Angina, sore throat – 10,00 €
Angina pectoris, NOTE: This code does not replace treatment by a cardiologist, please consult a physician. – 10,00 €
Loss of appetite – 15,00 €
Anorexia – 15,00 €
Apoplexy – 19,00 €
Arteriosclerosis – 19,00 €
Arthritis deformans: Deforming joint inflammations – 19,00 €
Ascarids (roundworms) – 18,00 €
Ascites (abdominal dropsy) – 19,00 €
Morbus Basedow – 19,00 €
Dry eye (Blepharo conjunctivitis) – 10,00 €
Epididymitis (inflammation of the epididymis) – 19,00 €
Bleeding (haemorrhages) – 19,00 €
Carpal tunnel syndrome – 19,00 €
Bursitis – 12,00 €
Hay fever – 15,00 €
Trigeminal neuralgia – 29,00 €
Cholera – 19,00 €
Chorioiditis, inflammation of the choroid membrane (Choroidea) – 19,00 €
Chorioretinitis, inflammation of the choroidea with involvement of the retina – 19,00 €
Cirrhosis of the liver – 19,00 €
Claudicatio intermittens (peripheral arterial occlusive disease) – 19,00 €
Coccygodynia (pain of the coccyx) – 9,00 €
Colitis (inflammation of the colon) – 19,00 €
Cerebral concussion (Commotio cerebri) – 10,00 €
Coronary spasms (cramps of the coronary arteries), Note: Please consult a doctor. – 10,00 €
Dacryoadenitis (inflammation of the lacrimal gland) – 10,00 €
Intestinal colic – 12,00 €
Problems with teeth (Dentitio difficilis) – 8,00 €
Diabetes mellitus, NOTE: Only in addition to regular diabetes treatment by a physician. – 13,00 €
Circulatory disorders, NOTE: Please consult a doctor. – 19,00 €
Gastrointestinal upset, intestinal disorders, irritable bowel syndrome – 19,00 €
Boils, carbuncles, abscesses, suppurations – 14,00 €
Eczema – 10,00 €
Endocarditis (inflammation of the inner heart wall), Note: Only to accompany medical treatment. – 19,00 €
Endometritis (inflammation of the endometrium of the uterus) – 19,00 €
Enterocolitis (inflammation of small and large intestine), possibly irritable bowel syndrome – 10,00 €
Bedwetting (Enuresis) – 19,00 €
States of exhaustion – 13,00 €
Erysipelas – 12,00 €
Facial paresis – 15,00 €
Fever – 15,00 €
Fissures and fistulas – 12,00 €
White effluent (fluor albus) – 12,00 €
Gastritis (inflammation of the gastric mucosa) – 19,00 €
Rhagades – 5,00 €
Inflammation of the stomach and intestines (gastroenteritis) – 15,00 €
Erectile dysfunction – 25,00 €
Hip joint arthrosis – 39,00 €
Rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, muscle pain – 19,00 €
Gum inflammation (gingivitis) – 19,00 €
Inflammation of the tongue (glossitis) – 9,00 €
Flu – 19,00 €
Hoarseness – 12,00 €
Liver disease (hepatopathy) with the typical liver symptoms according to TCM: fatigue, sleep disturbances, visual disturbances, sensitivity to light, emotion of anger and rage. NOTE: Please consult a doctor if liver disease is suspected. – 19,00 €
Herpes zoster – 29,00 €
Heart trouble, NOTE: Also consult a physician. – 19,00 €
Occupation by external energies – 29,00 €
Premature ejaculation – 9,00 €
Gonorrhea – 15,00 €
Smoking cessation – 19,00 €
Stabbing pain without organic correlation, people approaching from behind cause discomfort – 19,00 €
Streptococcus haemolyticus – 15,00 €
Treponema pallidum – 15,00 €
Drug-induced coordination disorders, dizziness, respiratory disorders, blood pressure regulation disorders – 12,00 €
Shock and energetic disturbances due to accidents, personal experiences, after operations – 15,00 €
Kidney malformations such as kidney cysts, missing kidney, cyst kidney, kidney shrinkage (nephrosclerosis) – 19,00 €
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