IOP increase:

Patient, 65 years old, intraocular pressure increased for 30 years with values of up to 35 mmHg (normal 18 mmHg).
Over 15 years drug therapy with Travatan, whereby the intraocular pressure can be reduced to up to 25 mmHg.
An increase in the dosage of Travatan is no longer possible due to the associated side effects.
The patient comes to the practice because she is at risk of blindness due to the increase in intraocular pressure.
The optic nerve is already damaged by years of compression.
In auric surgical exploration, the karmic pattern of glare shows up in the previous life, which is clearly felt by the patient in the eye.
After removal of the virtual dazzle rod, no more resonance as a sign of the isolation of the aurachirurgical intervention.
Subsequently, the energetic-informational interference pulse is rejected by means of QR coding.
Feedback from the patient:

Today I went to the doctor again to have my eye pressure measured. What a success: a value of 14.0 was measured on both sides!
Thank you again for your treatment.
Yours sincerely

Smell and taste disorder:

Patient, 52 years old, comes for treatment because of his olfactory and tartar disorder, which has existed for years.
In addition, he suffers from chronic respiratory infections with stress dyspnea, i.e. shortness of breath during physical exertion.
The NLS remote analysis shows the miasmatic load with various bacterial pathogens.
Thereupon, the miasmatic discharge takes place by means of QR coding.
Feedback from the patient:

On the first day I drank the water twice and three times since the third day.
It gets a little better every day, especially I am better at strength.
Also the sense of smell and taste, which have been gone for years, are getting better and better.
Breathing problems also improve.
Thank you very much.

Asthma bronchiale:

Patient, 68 years old, asthma bronchiale for over 30 years, requires medication, also under medication asthmoid conditions, shortness of breath, limited performance, stress dyspnea.
The NLS remote analysis shows the miasmatic load with various bacterial pathogens as well as the load with oaths and vows on the chromophilic adenocytes (cell group of the pituitary gland).
The miasmatic and karmic disorders are then eliminated by QR coding.
Feedback from the patient:

The greatest relief is the finding of my doctor for lung diseases.
I was there about 14 days ago for a lung function test. I am delighted to hear that there are no more limitations to be seen.
The lungs and industry function is top. Everything was great on the screen.
One year ago the test showed still large restrictions with the reference it should not become worse.
The whole day I was already so excited and naturally afterwards further that I got then at night Darmkoliken.
On the toilet I would probably pass out for a short time and fell forwards on the floor and on my right forehead.
The bump on my right forehead has widened to two blue eyes up to my cheek.
Soon there is nothing left to see.
This is nothing compared to the certainty of having no asthma.
As a precaution I should take the spray 1/2 dose.
I often read my signed document and feel grounded afterwards.
Dear greetings K.S.

Personal appointment with NLS analysis:

Patient, 62 years old, generalized pain, especially in the lumbar region.
Feedback from the patient:

Dear Dr. Künlen,
a short status report: Your treatment is effective - and as profound as I had not thought possible. The so-called "first aggravation" is so comprehensive in my case that it has opened the door to all my repressed shadows and self-deceptions, to the dark side of life - often unbearable. Finally I dealt with the repressed suffering of my parents, war and Nazi times - and recognize why I always wanted to flee from all this and tried to create an ideal world for myself - which is impossible.
So the pain and suffering is not just gone - as I thought - but I have to go through the pain and the process of consciousness. I was certainly not only a victim but also a perpetrator. Forgiveness...
Now it is slowly becoming possible for me to look and accept what wants to be lived through - and then let go. This trauma had slowed my flow of energy.
Now I can start again, after a break, with the energized water. It is a comprehensive cleansing process.
With heartfelt thanks

Remote analysis

Patient, 58 years old, orders a remote analysis without stating her symptoms.

it is astonishing, because all results of the remote analysis are 100% correct. I made water for myself once and immediately felt like a new person.
Many thanks for the evaluation and the code.
Many greetings from C. W.

Remote analysis for psoriasis:

Patient, 78 years old, orders a remote analysis and sends the following description of his complaints.

My health "weak points":
I have been suffering from psoriasis since about 2012. At first still weakly pronounced, after 2 years however so violently at the whole body with the usual accompanying symptoms (whole body bloody). A stay in the special clinic in Rötz did not bring any significant improvement. A hospital stay in Darmstadt with a lot of cortisone only brought an improvement for about 4 weeks. In 2016 I was prescribed a treatment with methotrexate at the university hospital in Mainz, which made me almost symptom-free after about 4 weeks. This treatment with 7.5 or 10 mg MTX per week (pre-filled syringe) is still my only lifeline today. And that without any noticeable side effects - except for a little more fatigue.
In addition, there are occasional reflux problems and cramps in the esophagus. I've been prescribed pontoprazole for this and occasionally maloxane as well as slight back pain in the hip area. Another special feature: Occasionally I suffer from sudden cramps in my left or right lower leg, which suddenly occur at night. I then treat these areas with Aconit pain oil and after about 2-3 minutes the cramp is gone.
All in all I don't feel really "sick", but I have the feeling that life is passing me by. You will certainly discover some weak points and recommend some measures or even treat them with aura surgery.

The remote analysis results in the following findings:

Energetic load in the pelvis due to the karmic pattern of impalement in previous life.
Typical symptoms: Hemorrhoids, urinary bladder emptying disorders
Energetic stress in the stomach due to the karmic pattern of medical experiments in the past.
In your case, this is a virtual gastric tube that leads to heartburn and reflux.
Severe energetic intestinal disorder, triggered in particular by the intestinal fungus Candida albicans.
Possible triggers: Too much sugar in the food, antibiotics, stomach protection preparations, sodium base drinks for the treatment of an alleged "hyperacidity
Tongue with lining?
In your case, it is the consequence of medication with maloxane and pantoprazole that both inhibit gastric acid (maloxane by binding the acid, pantoprazole by suppressing production).
This leads to many germs getting into the stomach and intestines with the food, which does not belong there, especially fungi.
This leads to a resorption disorder in the intestine, leaky gut syndrome.
As a result of this severe energetic liver disorder, typical symptoms are fatigue, sleep disorder, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, emotion of anger and rage.
Fatigue is seen as a distinct energetic disorder in the brain, visual impairment as an energetic disorder in the eyes.
They also show the first deposits of metabolic products, which the liver can no longer produce, in the muscles and joints, leading to rheumatoid complaints.
Calf cramps are a typical symptom of this liver weakness with deposits of metabolic products in the muscles. Calf cramps occur preferentially at night, often as so-called Restless Legs Syndrome.
Energetic spleen disorder due to intestinal disorder, swelling of the feet?
Energetic pancreatic disorder due to intestinal disorder, soft bowel movement with greasy shine?
Energetic disturbance on the bronchial tree, triggered by the information of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, no infection, but information inherited from ancestors.
Bronchial symptoms? Asthma bronchiale? Chronic recurrent bronchitis? Sensitivity to tension and cold?
Patients with tuberculosis information are typically rarely ill and have no high fever.
Low energetic load of the hypothalamus secretion cell by guilt
Energetic burden of drugs on the brain stem
Energetic stress due to streptococci in the throat and throat area and in the ears, what about hearing?
Massive cat hair allergy on the skin
It is quite possible that this allergy is responsible for psoriasis.

Remote analysis of leukopenia:

Patient, 57 years old, orders a remote analysis and sends the following description of her symptoms.

May I give you a brief overview of my medical history since April 2019. Up to this point, I had no health problems whatsoever, I regularly took part in sports and also paid attention to my diet.
At the beginning of April 2019 I was then admitted with pronounced herpes enoral and severe neutropenia for 5 days in hospital. I received a leukocyte stimulating injection and two days later a bone marrow puncture was performed. The puncture resulted in a regenerating bone marrow without reference to haematological systemic disease.
When I went to my family doctor for a check-up one week after I was discharged, the red blood cells were suddenly also greatly reduced.
The first erythrocyte concentrates were administered. Before the first transfusion it was determined that I had formed heat antibodies.
After a further decay of the haemaglobin value, the second hospital stay followed with another puncture. Up to 5 days before the KH stay, the leukocytes were again stimulated with syringes and the puncture again showed no abnormalities.
I went to the hospital for the third time at the beginning of June because a gastroscopy and colonoscopy was planned. These were then performed without complications. I don't have the exact findings yet, the doctor only said afterwards that everything was OK.
On the following day my leukocytes had dropped to 2400 again and there was no explanation for it. Therefore a 3rd bone marrow puncture was carried out. Since 2 weeks no more leukocyte-stimulating syringes were used.
Last week I got a call that a malignant event had been discovered during this 3rd puncture - since there was no longer any coverage by the leuko syringes. I will receive an exact diagnosis tomorrow, Thursday.
At the moment I am doing quite well, my values should be stable - I received the last red blood cell concentrate preservative 8 days ago.

The remote analysis shows the following results:

Energetic disturbance in the area of the upper body by the karmic pattern of the slave yoke in the past life
Typical symptoms: tension in the shoulder-neck area, limited head mobility, shyness at school, problems speaking in front of many people, preference for a marginal seat at public events, tendency to hump the cervical and upper thoracic spine, tendency to cold hands and feet, tension headache.
Energetic stress in the pelvis due to the karmic pattern of impalement in previous life
Typical symptoms: Hemorrhoids, urinary bladder voiding disorders
Energetic stress in the stomach due to the karmic pattern of previous medical experiments
Heartburn and reflux?
Energetic disturbance on the bronchial tree, triggered by the information of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, no infection, but information inherited from ancestors.
Can lead to bronchial symptoms, but doesn't have to.
Typical symptoms are shortness of breath, bronchial asthma, chronic recurrent bronchitis, sensitivity to cold and tension, rarely ill, low or no fever in case of illness, tendency to sweat.
Energetic disturbance of the kidneys by the information of tuberculosis, typical symptoms are anxiety, osteoporosis, gum loss and jaw bone regression, lack of energy, hearing loss, but you probably do not have this because of your not yet advanced age.
Massive energetic load of the hypothalamus secrete cell by guilt
Massive energetic load of chromophilic adenocytes by oaths and vows
Energetic stress on the brain stem and pituitary gland due to craniocerebral trauma
Energetic load of the brain ventricle through shock experience
Energetic disturbance of the red bone marrow, the place where leukocytes are formed, by the miasma of Treponema pallidum, the pathogen of syphilis, not an infection, but epigenetically inherited information from ancestors.
This mechanism is related to your tumor disease and must be urgently rejected

Result: After a few weeks of treatment with Medicodes, there is feedback that the cell count of the leukocytes has returned to normal. In the meantime, it turned out and was confirmed in the NLS analysis that it was a severe intoxication with the household disinfectant Lysoform, with which the patient had cleaned the kitchen without gloves and in a closed room. The energetic load on the bone marrow caused by Treponema pallidum, according to her own experience, forms a predisposition for the development of aplasia in the bone marrow. Additional treatment with chemotherapy might have been fatal for the patient.

Remote analysis of pain in the legs and back:

Patient, 42 years old, orders a remote analysis and sends the following description of her symptoms.

Pain for 2 months in the right abdomen (below), near the groin (no hernia, no tumor on the ovary, already clarified), the pain radiates to the right leg (often) and into the back (often).

The remote analysis results in the following findings:

Energetic disturbance on gastrointestinal tract/liver by the fungus Candida albicans: Occupied tongue, bloated abdomen after meals, in the pronounced case a Roemheld syndrome (cardiac arrhythmia with bloated abdomen after opulent meals), fatigue, sleep disturbances, impaired vision, sensitivity to light, emotion of anger and rage, skin symptoms such as dry skin or skin rashes, storage of pigment spots in the facial skin. Under certain circumstances, swellings in the subcutaneous connective tissue can also be found as a result of water retention as a result of spleen weakness and the retention of metabolic products in joints and muscles with micro-inflammations, which leads to rhematoid pain.
Possible triggers are a diet that is too rich in carbohydrates (pasta, pizza, sweets, sugar), stomach protection preparations such as omeprazole or pantoprazole, soda base drinks to combat supposed hyperacidity, antibiotic therapies.
This results in a "permeability" of the intestine in the sense of a leaky gut syndrome with disruption of the physiological microbiome and an energetic overload of the liver.
Energetic disturbance of the paranasal sinuses due to the karmic pattern of medical experiments with the Streptococcus haemolyticus miasma: inflammation and obstruction of the paranasal sinuses, difficulties in nasal breathing, possibly also occupied ears due to obstruction of the Eustachian tubes between the middle ear and the throat.
Energetic disturbance on the body surface by the karmic pattern of the slave yoke in previous life: Typical symptoms are tension in the shoulder-neck area, limited head mobility, shyness at school, problems speaking in front of many people, preference for a marginal seat at public events, tendency for humpback formation in the cervical and upper thoracic spine, tendency to cold hands and feet, tension headache.
Energetic disorder caused by the Treponema pallidum miasma (syphilis pathogen, not a current infection, but information inherited from ancestors) on the red bone marrow: tendency to depression, psychosis, suicidal tendencies, tumour formation, recurrent accidents (which are interpreted as supposed coincidences, but in reality are the result of internal programming by Treponema pallidum). The Treponema pallidum miasma is a self-destructive programming that should be urgently diverted.
Energetic disturbance on the hypothalamus secrete cell by the karmic pattern of guilt: Debt issues may originate from the church environment or be family related.
Energetic stress by oaths and vows on various glandular structures, especially thymus gland and chromophilic adenocytes of the pituitary gland. Poverty and chastity vows are the most common forms of vows.
Energetic disturbance on the bronchi by the miasma of tuberculosis (information inherited from ancestors or acquired in the course of life, no current infection): Typical symptoms are bronchial susceptibility, tendency to weight problems, difficulties in weight loss, rarely ill, no high fever during illness, infections usually last quite long, sweating tendency especially at night, red cheeks.
Energetic disturbance on the kidneys by the miasma of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Typical symptoms are a general lack of energy, graying, osteoporosis and decline of the gums and jaw bones, anxiety, painfulness of the kidney 1 acupuncture point when pressure is applied to the area of the sole of the foot in the middle behind the ball of the foot.
Energetic disturbance caused by the karmic pattern of black magic: Typical symptoms are menstrual cramps, amenorrhea (lack of menstrual bleeding), dysmenorrhea (painful menstrual bleeding), menorrhagia (prolonged menstrual bleeding), metrorrhagia (intermonth bleeding), Cysts, myomas, depression, pain during sexual intercourse (disparneunia), premenstrual syndrome, endometriosis, tubal pregnancies, inflammation of the fallopian tubes, unfulfilled desire to have children, miscarriages.
Energetic disturbance due to the karmic pattern of unsuccessful escape in previous life: Typical symptoms are dreams of escape and persecution, back pain, pelvic obliquity, pain in the ileosacral joints, disc problems (protrusion or prolapse, disc degeneration), hip problems, knee problems.

Feedback from the patient:

Thank you very much for the remote analysis.
I was very curious, amazed and surprised at the accuracy with which the system works.
Congratulations, a very trusting step into the future.
From my point of view, all individual analytical positions such as energetic disturbances and energetic stress apply.
I would also like to tie in with this and continue.